About Green Meta

Green Meta is Green Beli’s virtual reality platform, where users can apply their creativity to explore, build upon and monetize. Green Meta is expected to bridge the gap between blockchain applications and the real world. It is our vision to combine Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund (GEPF), Green Beli game, and the Green Map with eco-friendly businesses & places… and integrate these green factors across the metaverse.


Plant To Earn

Own a real tree in our Green Metaverse and earn tickets to join the first - ever community reward pool on blockchain backed by profits generated from our real-life plantation.


Farming Voucher

By staking GRBE, users can earn vouchers for coffee shops or convenience stores in the real world.


Environmental Education and Awareness-raising

Green Meta offers a realistic and interactive educational experience in a metaverse with the application of 3D, AR/VR for everyone to address complex environmental problems, and learn to maintain a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations.


In-meta token. Green Meta token is used as resources to facilitate infrastructures and in-meta assets on Green Meta such as: houses, barns, irrigation systems, and fencing… Green Meta Token will be burnt for such purposes.


The future of Green Beli is Green Meta!

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